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Speed, Mobility, & Agility

Join us for (13) 1 hour sessions this winter on Thursdays at 6:00pm-7:00pm! 


*If you are a registered player for the Black Hawks Soccer Club.  Send us an email with your childs name + team and we will respond with a Discount Code for $25.00 off your  Speed, Agility, & Mobility registration.  


Speed is crucial for all sports both on and off the grass. Whether you’re running around a soccer field or racing to the finish line, the quicker you are, the greater advantage you have on your opponents. Being fast, lean and agile is a must for all athletes so continuously improving foot speed is essential. However, improving your foot speed is an ongoing process and there is no quick or easy fix. It’s achieved through hard work, commitment and tenacious training. Tireless drills and relentless training will deliver the results over time, come join us in using our foot speed ladders and hurdles during training which will not only help increase your speed but also perfect your technique for faster feet, better coordination and control.  




Speed, Mobility, & Agility

  • Submission of this form indicates that you have read and agree to the terms of our waiver. Waiver/Indemnification: As parent/Legal guardian of the child named herein, I hearby represent that the child has been examined by a pediatrician and is physically fit to participate in Top Bins Only programs. I understand that there are inherent risks participating in this athletic program. I hereby accept responsibility for and agree to pay any and all costs of medical treatment resulting from any injury suffered by my child as a result of his/her participation, and/or representatives from any and all liability, damage, cost or expense arising out of my child's participation, of every kind and nature in Top Bins Only LLC events. In the event that I cannot be reached in emergency, I hereby give permission for care to be administered by a qualified Top Bins Only LLC. staff member, EMT, physician/staff or hospital, or any other qualified individual to provide any medical treatment deemed necessary for my child. As well, I give permission to Top Bins Only LLc to take photos/video of my child participating in the program for various marketing purposes and to send me emails about upcoming events.

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