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Virtual Soccer Training

What is virtual soccer training? Look Here

Its Fun, Interacting, most importantly (Engaging!

  • 40-minute session with one of our highly qualified Top Bins Only coaches.

  • The session will be tailored to your player's soccer level​.

  • There are pre-set goals for each player that are set by their coach.

What does my player need for virtual soccer training?

  • Water Bottle

  • 2 Shinguards (will utilize them as cones)

  • Soccer Ball

  • A laptop, smartphone or tablet that can be used for video chat

Virtual soccer training is available as 1:1 sessions or for group sessions of up to 4 players. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Anyone playing FIFA 20? Our staff has been running our own competition!

Stay healthy and safe!


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