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Schools Out!! 2/17 Presidents Day Camp!!

Color War!!!!!!!!

Participants are divided into teams, each of which is assigned a color. The teams compete against each other in challenges and events to earn points. Typical color war challenges include Tug of war, Sports, Group Activities, Karaoke, and much more!  

Campers will have meetings and team time periods throughout color war to come up with cheers and team strategy. Multiple events occur, each worth a certain number of points. Events include sports competitions, cheer-offs, as well as knowledge competitions. Sometimes silent lunch is an activity, where every team has to be silent. Lots of Color and even more fun. 


Lunch is included (:

Individual Camper: $90

Sibling Discount: -$45 each sibling

Have a questions give us a call 551-206-9144 or send us an email


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