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Improvement Already - Winter Week 3

Hope you guys are having a great start to your new year! Im Hoping this year we can do a better job of posting on here!

My name is John Schatz, I run Top Bins Only and wanted to share our world with you.

Top Bins Only Overview

  1. Safe Environment

  2. Fun Challenging Session

  3. Discipline & Respect

  4. Improvement In Each Session

On behalf of myself and our staff we believe soccer is easily one of the most fun sports to play. Thank you for training with us!

Coaching soccer allows us to introduce players to the best of the game. We all have different attributes which make us who we are as soccer players. The best part is seeing how these athletes progress and develop into their own personality on the field. Where ever you are in your soccer journey always enjoy and remember how far you have all have come!

Thank you for letting us coach!


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