High School Winter Intense Prep

High School Intense Winter Prep


Are you ready for the best soccer season of the year!


This is the moment where we put in the work. This is the time when we rise to the occasion. During our High school Intense Winter Prep we will be focusing on  increasing the ability of our players with the ball. Expect your players to walk out of our program with more confidence on the ball, a better knowledge of the game, and passion for the artistry this amazing game has to offer!


Messi, Ranoldo, Neymar, Modric, Zlatan, and many more were introduced to the game of futsal at an early age. Whether its quick footwork, your first touch or confidence on the ball, its hard to hide in this game as you need to increase your defending and attacking ability.


In this program you will be receiving 

Professional Futsal training.


Any questions email us at Info@topbinsonly.com

High School Winter Intense Prep


Training Will Take Place in 666 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ

Have questions? Email us at info@topbinsonly.com or call us at 551-206-9144